Who is Jack?

  • A mischievous drinking den for rogues, rascals, rebels and rapscallions.
  • An effortless fusion of turn of the century style and Bohemian swagger.
  • An unashamedly fun bar where quantity never affects quality.
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Handsome Hour. 4-8pm £5 Cocktails & Double G&T's

House Rules

  • Never kiss & tell.
  • Swat flies and rescue spiders.
  • Know when to clap.
  • Never swipe left on instinct alone.
  • Hold the door open for anyone, whatever the sex, whatever the consequences.
  • Drink enough to have fun, but never be the figure of fun.
  • Know that life is too short for slimline tonic.
  • Know two is always better than one.
  • Know there is always an exception to a rule.